HoneyPie's Notes: First Graduation......   

Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Graduation......

Ok, I realize I didn't give an "official" first blog warning/introduction so here it goes.....

I've always been a fan of imagining, acting, pretending ,reading,writing, ANYthing dramatic (positive drama though)!  I look @ blogging as therapeutic; much like a journal. A place to release and relax. A place to reflect and appreciate.  Plus I LOVE the sound of being a BLOGGER =) 

Incorporating my imagination with fun, fashion, fun, and therapy sounds like a fa sho winner, so we'll give it a try ok? ok!   (did I mention fun?)

I took these pictures as my family and I were headed to a great celebration, a GRADUATION!  A huge milestone/accomplishment in one's life, so glad I could be a part of her big night.... xoxoxo

                          Fun dress (Stiletto Bar), Rachael Roy shoes, Nialya bracelet, LV purse


  1. Awwww thanks Charlie, back @ ya!!!!!

  2. Very cute..as always!!! I'm lovin it..

  3. Cute outfit! I need to loose about 30 pounds to wear that dress! But its adorable on you.

  4. Thanks to my ladies Necepoo and Tiffany!!