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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RED Hots.....!

Ok, so the day was just TOO beautiful to waste doing the "usual" things! Don't get me wrong, I did what I was supposed to do (blah, blah, blee), but decided I needed to ENJOY the weather sometime today, so I made a stop by the neighborhood nursery. Yeah, I'm a little late on the planting this year, but there has been SOOO many tornadoes ( any excuse lol!!).

My usual plant(s) of choice are "Impatients and Begonia", because of the bright colors (pinks and corals). But when I entered the first tent, something tall, bright, and red caught my eye! She said they were called "RED HOTS". I immediately loaded my cart with 5 trays of them and I was on my way....

Oh, did I mention I loved the name of them? They reminded me of a childhood candy.....more reason to load them up  = )

                                                               Beautiful Impatients



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