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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Please Excuse......!

Ok, so my honey and I had a fun Friday night planned, dinner & drinks (for 2), then off to a  B-day party. We laughed as we got dressed and spoke about the days events (kids, dog, this, that..blah). As we departed the car for dinner, it was time for my photo-shoot (haha). Pulled out my Sony and immediately noticed my low-battery (shit)! Oh well, my iPhone had to work it's magic. So, Please Excuse the blurry photos & neon eyes.......xoxo

                                                              *Dinner Menu*
                                    Pomegranate Martini w/ side cart (yay)!.
               BCBG dress, Calvin Klein clutch, Christian Louboutin slingbacks
                 They "kinda" looked happy....LOL!  (cute though)
                       Many-Many laughs.....! What are you wearing T?  Feel free to comment :/

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  1. ok, Since T "can't" comment, I'll do it for her.... She's says she was wearing Betsey Johnson from head-to-toe.... cute :)