HoneyPie's Notes: White After Labor Day, Really?   

Sunday, October 2, 2011

White After Labor Day, Really?

Ok, I've always-always ignored cliche's, just not my thang! When it comes to fashion, it's no different. Who came up with the phrase "Never Wear White After Labor Day" anyway ? (Chile Please) As long as the material is not linen, it can be incorporated in the Fall season. Layering is the key to transition Summer frocks for enjoying the Autumn breeze. My mini-me and I took to the stores to search for cool-jeans (for her).....xoxo 

Free People dress, Cardigan from Hallelu, Lucky Riding Boots (last year), Fendi Bag, RayBan sunglasses
Took a Yogurt Break....Autumn Mix I created, YUM! 

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