HoneyPie's Notes: Autumn Is Near....!   

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Autumn Is Near....!

Ok, I loveee Summer! The attire, the convenience of just grabbing your keys and jetting the door, beaches, margaritas and mojitos, amusement parks, late nights, ALL that and more. But I also loveeee the change of seasons! Yesterday the breeze was so amazing I could smell the state fair and cotton candy in the air (not really, ha!). Anyway, A friend and I decided to chat it up on a patio for lunch and drinks, aka, "Patio Pimpin". We enjoyed enchiladas and margaritas (of course), and good convo. BTW, I'm still doing MY FIFTY SHADES (just not in the order I promised).....

 OH, I did a Zumba class too that literally had me in tears from laughing at the "moves" some of my fellow classmates were delivering. It was fun and a great workout....xoxo

Loving my Brass Knuckles case for iPhone...
I always think about the song "Brass Monkey" when I say that :) 

Jessica Simpson wooden platforms..
These are super comfy!

I love a "throw-on" dress....
add a (neon) belt and platforms and it looks less "throw on"

Photo Credits: Lynette G.


  1. Thank you!!!!!!
    Did you get the info I sent you on the case? I have 3 #'s for you, I chose one randomly and sent to you... lol!