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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh My Fifty Shades......!

Ok, in an effort to be more consistent with my blogging, I have to be more creative with my posts.  I admit, I do not get glammed up everyday and will NOT just to take pics to post here (maybe in the future I will, ha!).  I'll begin my creativity by continuing my obsession for Mr. Fifty Shades by posting my own version of  SHADES..... By now we are ALL familiar with this Summer's Favorite Book series, Fifty Shades Of Grey. I mean, Mr. Grey had the most sanctified woman swooning over him and his "controlling" ways :-).... He could make a blind mane see, A fat woman sang, let me stop (you get the picture lol). 

     Anyway... I am going to post Fifty Shades (of something) everyday for the next 30 days, eeekkkk!! Yep, I have too! I'm starting with a new lip pencil shade I purchased from Sephora over the weekend called Vinyl Rasberry. It is ohhh sooo pretty! It's fuschia meets theons- like Disco Theons with hints of glitter. This will definitely be added to my "favorites" bag.... xoxo

No Justice... 

Vinyl Rasberry

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