HoneyPie's Notes: On To Plan C...Geesh!   

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On To Plan C...Geesh!

Ok,  I knew the night before what I planned on wearing, it was in my head. The day was gonna be hot&sunny so my orange silk Tibi dress and colorful wedge would be perfect to wear. I took Charley, my 3rd baby, for his usual morning walk and VOILA, he got me good with a long-deep scratch on my leg. He's always SO excited to go out, but damn.....! So orangy was out. Ok, on to plan B then... I'd purchased a really cute navy maxi skirt from Nordstrom a few weeks back- fitted with a neon green waist-band, perfect to cover my gash scar. I'd add a white tank, jewels, and be on my way.... I unveil the navy cutie only to find the store sensor still attached TO.THE.SEAM.!!!!! Well I'll be damned.... The fashion gods were really not on my side this morning as the clock continued to tick.... On to plan C when all else fails, throw on a black jumpsuit and keep it moving.... right?  That's what I did (whatever)....xoxo

MmHm Nordstrom....
Black BarIII Jumpsuit w: attached neon lace tank
A little candy from Target...cheap! 
Can't wait to pair these w: Jeans and white tee ( I think)....     :) 

Added the leopard belt....
Have a great day!


  1. Love that house in the background ; )

  2. Heey Carol!
    It is quite nice, I've been inside ;)

  3. Yay! I could finally log in. Those shoes are SICK! That's the worst when the leave the sensor on.

  4. @ Mandy- You are too kind :)
    @Nia- You had trouble logging in?!?!? I'm sorry, ugh!! When I mentioned those shoes were "killers", it wasn't a good thing..lol!

  5. Read this post a few weeks ago and forgot to comment...the shoes completely distracted me - so sick in love! Love the outfit and the high-low mix with the jewelry. OAN, side eye to the heffas at Nordstrom for leaving on the sensor!