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Friday, September 21, 2012

It's FRIDAY in the City....!

Ok, so I want to introduce a "fashion theme" for Fridays; something Fun, trendy, and random (much like the fashion stalker that I am). If I see a cute dress, bag, baby, dog, hairstyle, or WHATEVA accompanied by a stranger, I will most definitely give a compliment or two. The hubs and kids think I'm nutsssss, but they are USED to it, ha!

       Since I wanted to get the post in cyberspace today and really hadn't seen anybody worthy of being photographed between school drop offs, gym, and coffee shop, I reached out to my little fashionista cousin Alexandria (Ally)...!  She's young, hip, hop, extremely smart/gorgeous, and stylish so I KNEW she'd have a great fit to showcase and sure enough..........xoxo

Pants- thrifted, $3...!!!!!!!
Denim Top- Miley Cyrus $7.....
Yellow Wedge.....$25
Clutch- thrifted, $2........!
Complete with a SPLURGE on the
lipsssss , CHANEL #22


Fashionista on a budget looking like a bag of money million bucks...  :)
follow her @Ally_Cat11

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