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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I think I'm in LUSH....!

Ok, I was invited to attend LUSH's Halloween Party where they introduced their new "Twilight" shower gel ,you know, for the upcoming MOVIE of the YEAR (can't wait!!!!!).  For anyone who doesn't know,  LUSH is a cosmetics company that makes all of their products by hand using all natural products such as fruits, vegetables, honey, beeswax, essential oils, and did I say  HONEY!

The employees were decked out in their best Halloween gear as the store jammed songs like Rockwell and Michael Jackson's  "Somebody's Watching Me" (which was stuck in my head for hours) and "Ghostbusters", it was fun!

Minnie Mouse & The Wicked Witch....! 
Team Jacob or Edward? 
Lady Calacas....!
Jada wanted this cute, delicious "Mustache Soap"
This is amazing..!!  Body Butter for the shower :)
I've used it every night since
Michael GAGA....! 


When I say this is a MUST HAVE, believe me...please!! 
Moisturizing/Massage  Bar that feels sooo good..! 
Mall Parking Lot Pimpin.....

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