HoneyPie's Notes: My Song of the Summer...!   

Friday, March 22, 2013

My Song of the Summer...!

Ok, we ALL have a favorite summer song! You know that song that makes you wanna attend a patio BBQ or dress up, go out on the town , and dance to the beattttt, um, um, um....... !  I have a few classics like Will Smith's Summertime and Crazy in Love by Bey, but I've ALREADY picked out my JAM for this Summer yes, I know we are only two days into the Spring.  This song is grown & sexy yet fun & energetic with a little ole' school feel all at the Same. Damn. Time.....  Woooh!

Robin Thike's Blurred Lines featuring Pharell and T.I..... check it out!

Oh, I found a bag of goodies that I TOTALLY forgot about in the back of my truck yesterday!!! I MAY do a fashion-haul video... Yea, I think I WILL!!!!!!!! 

A throwback...    Summer, I'm ready for you!


  1. Cute song--I like the eye-candy filled video best. lol

    And you look adorbs in this photo!!

    1. Yes!!!!!!!!! Everybody looks SO cute!!