HoneyPie's Notes: Oh Dylan...!   

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh Dylan...!

As I browsed the store (H&M) on that particular day, I spyed it from across the room! My heart skipped a beat as I hurried to the rack where it hang looking fresh, crisp, and sentimental. Even though it was in the men's section, I KNEW I HAD to have it, my Dylan tee :)

I LOVEEEE the name Dylan ; after all, it is the name of the coolest kid in the world, my son!

Really didn't put much thought into this fit, just threw it on to grab lunch on the sunny patio.....
Oh,  I finally accomplished a pretty decent twist-out on my hair, go me!

MY Dylan.... :)
10 years old and a sz. 10 shoe oh LORT
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