HoneyPie's Notes: Is "40" the new "20"....?   

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Is "40" the new "20"....?

Well, well, WELL!!!!!  Where do I begin?!?!?!
 Let's just begin here: Ok, In life we ALL get SO consumed with responsibilities and routines that we rarely get a chance to actually enjoy it (life that is). I've failed to update my blog for those reasons as well as the fact that I hate taking pictures ( I know, crazy right, eeek)!!  Anyway, my daughter,  JadaBlueberry  got a new camera and decided to update and re-commit herself to her blog . She along with  MotifMana  (follow them) encouraged me to update mine and voila.... I'm doing so!

Fast Forward..... My sister recently celebrated her 40th birthday!!! Being that it's such a milestone, we planned to make her entry into the 40's  a BIG DEAL. We cruised the Atlantic Ocean on Carnival's Victory Ship to Key West, FL and Cozymel, Mexico. We had a ball and partied like we were 20 (exhausting, ha)...!

Got a henna tattoo and Parrot Ring (Old Navy) the day before we left...!

Carnival's Victory Ship, Uh-mazing!!! 
This is when we FIRST walked on the ship; greeted with Pina` Coladas!
Crop top and high waist shorts- F21
In Key West... Fanny Pack from American Apparel. It was  So convenient! 
Rollin around the island in a janky jeep.. It kept stalling...
wearing my OH SO COMFY Sanuk sandles made from yoga mats!! 
Could've laid there forever.....! 
Swimsuit by Calvin Klein..... I love a good one-piece these days!
This pic is all about the pelican? 
IG pic: Right before snorkeling... Saw so many beautiful, pleasant sea creatures (no sharks and mess)... GOD is truly
something ELSE!!!!
Beach Bag from KATE SPADE
Look at GOD's ocean!!!!!!! Surreal
Skirt and top- F21


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  2. Love love love IT!!! You look amazing and your hair!:) I was just talking about those Sanuk's with a fellow yogi the other day! Got get them…! Can't wait for the next post!:)

    1. I played with it a bit and found the comments!!( lol)...Thank you! The Sanuk's are amazing, you MUST get a pair!!!!!

  3. Enjoyed your blog!!!!! As I always do!!!!!! The Fanny packs are EVERYTHING! Never thought I would love them, but being a new mommy & all they are indeed so convenient..... this trip looked so relaxing & oh so much fuuuunnnnn!!!!!!! One pieces are my thing this summer too & of course I can't leave home without my shrug!!!!! he he!!!!!!

  4. As a NEW MOMMY :-) you're gonna learn the true meanings of "improvising & convenience"!!! Still can't believe he's here!!!! Miss you xo