HoneyPie's Notes: On The Run Part II (Pun Intended)....   

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On The Run Part II (Pun Intended)....

*July* 24* 2014*
*Chicago* Illinois*
*Soldier* Field*
*On The Run*

Our last summer trip before school starts was AMAZING!!! Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that JayZ and Beyonce' have been on the most epic tour EVER (since M.J.) this summer.. I  HAD to see the duo perform some of their greatest hits (together and solo) so I chose Chicago for several reasons- one being "SOLDIER FIELD" (some sentiment there). Like always, the weather was great and we had FUN!

After walking MILES, this is one of the many lines that awaited us to enter. THIS is why I suggested you ladies to wear
flats vs. heels. I saw some women wearing heels that looked as if they wanted to SCREAM & CRY!
We left the hotel 2 hours early, endured horrendous traffic, parked a few miles away from the stadium, walked a few miles to get IN the stadium, then waited in a long line to enter, was 1:15 mins late,  and the show still hadn't started...Thank you Beeeyyyyyy!!!!
Late folks need love too :) 

I had to wait until AFTER the show to do an outfit pic.... I'd planned to wear something different (some dukes), but the
weather was a little cooler than I expected..
Guns & Roses Tee,  Rachel Roy Joggers, Blue Denim Chemise, and Red Converse.
Streets were blocked off for Michelle O. and the girls... 
I found this bag at a small boutique in NY, it's perfect for traveling and hauling lots of stuff! I later saw it
Snapping a pic of JadaBlueberry's outfit for her blog!
Quick Selfie while shopping....
Minnetonka Fringe Boots Here
And another.....
Selfie City?  
What's the name?
He said "Jay", so quite naturally I responded with Bey...
Barista totally got it....
I think he's been practicing that autograph/star- Ha!
A #RealLife photo....Looked like a scene from a movie- Transformers or something! 
Dress: Target
I looove my Sanuk sandals made from yoga mat(s) . When I first heard of these I knew I had to have them!
Yoga shoe for a Yoga Girl..... Hmmmm,  I like the sound of that "yoga-girl" :-) 


  1. hey hey Hey….Yoga Girl!:) You are the tiniest and THE cutest. Yep… I'm feeling the unkept hair! I love the effortlessness….!!!!

    1. Hey, hey, hey......Yoga Girl yaself!
      How did I miss this?!?!?....

  2. Oh shoot! I have that dress in green!! Was planning on posting about it this week. Great minds!

    1. Yes indeed...!
      I have in green and a blk/white stripe too!!