HoneyPie's Notes: Burgundy, Plaid Flannel, and Chucks For The Win..!!   

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Burgundy, Plaid Flannel, and Chucks For The Win..!!

   Ok, let's pick up this Sunday Style-Spiration thing where we left off (my bad)!!!!
Let's admit, we all look for inspiration of some sort in our lives. What am I talking about?
I'm not in the mood for deepness, ok? ok!
 This look was inspired by the very beautiful and very pregnant Kourtney Kardashian! She keeps it stylish with or without baby (babies)..... Whoop-Whoop for all the #HauteMama's out there!!!
This look has layers which allows for peeling when the sun starts to beam a bit....


skirt here... top flannel shirt, BCBG (old)...

So very June Ambroish...

my boy :)

I love my black chucks...... :) 

As a 2-piece

as a one piece...

Because this is such a COOL photo..!
Photo credits to JadaBlueberry


  1. Love the two piece and if I stop eating 2 piece and a biscuit I could rock this look too lol! #thewaymystomachissetup

    1. OMG- OMB!!!! You are hilariously foolish!!!! :)
      You and ALLLLL your flyness can rock this look TODAY!!