HoneyPie's Notes: A POP of Yellow.....!   

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A POP of Yellow.....!

Ok, I'm all about "pops"**  Whether it's a pop of print or a pop of color, they work for me! When wanting to dress down but not look so plain jane, add a pop and see how that works for ya! :)
This is what I wore this weekend as I dipped in and out of stores beginning to prepare for Thanksgiving next week. I absolutely refuse to engage in the guaranteed cart-rage that's going to take place in the overcrowded  grocery story aisles! 
It's possible to be cute and comfy, even during the hectic holidays.....

Have a Happy Thanksgiving..!! 

BAR III jacket, similar HERE
Olivia+ Joy bag  from boutique years ago, but I've seen many by this brand in Marshalls as of late :) 
The season's MUST have accessory, Starbucks "red" cup... right? 
I styled  this shirt differently  HERE Similar shirt HERE