HoneyPie's Notes: Summer Concert Series.....   

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Concert Series.....

Ok, I titled this blog "Summer Concert Series" in hopes of making it just that...a series! =)
So a few of my good friends and myself just HAD to attend the concert on this evening. I mean I've only seen him live thrice, plus he has wayyyy too many hits to pass up the opportunity hear tunes that include such wonderful lyrics such as"I'm a Flirt" or "Half On A Baby" lol!  YES, none other than the R. Love him!  Oh, and thanks to K.H., we were VERY up close and personal  ;)    ....... enjoy xoxo

Boutique Jumper (had to cop both colors).... Tory Burch bag


                                     C.L. Platform Sandal....danced all night in these =)

P.S..... please KNOW that I KNOW that I am BLESSED and this is MY Fashion-Fun blog =/


  1. Honeychild u is too cute! Ps please KNOW that I KNOW that's incorrect grammer but this is MY comment:)

  2. P.S. Thanks for the compliment....boo-boo! :)

  3. I'm just loving your blogs! You are such a fashionista and I absolutely love your humility!! I gotta try in figure out what the abbreviations are on your items. LV.... CL.... You're one of a kind, boo!

  4. Oh Lina,Lina,Lina!! You are such a sweetie-pie =)
    We are well OVER-due for a girl date, we'll discuss the abbreviations then....LOL!!