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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A HUGE Shock......!!

  Ok, I won't make this an emotional post, but the order of events that occurred on this day are hard to ignore. It was beautiful  Saturday (a little nippy), but the day was going great! My Valentine and I had plans to attend the New Edition concert later this evening so I spent the day preparing myself (brows, nails, wax, etc. ) for our date. Everything was going as planned and we headed to drop the kiddos off at my parent's house for the evening. Before pulling up, I checked my FB page and saw a post that I KNEW was a rumor!! Then I received a text, then another post, then a Twitter update, another FB post, another Tweet, another text, TMZ article  ***SIGH*** There was truth, another legend (Whitney Houston) had passed away ... So sad! So surreal!

 We continued to our destination and all I could think about were the BOBBYS in her life ...*prayers*

Bobby performed extremely well and the crowd screamed and applauded as he entered the stage; for we all could see and feel his heartbroken soul!  Whitney was an icon, she will be missed by many.......

  Earlier in the Day
       I bought this Karlie sweater b/c of the Nars (Heatwave) lipstick I had at home. BCBG leggings, distressed UGGS...

This pic was not intended for blog, but this is what I wore to concert: Faux Fur jckt from ASOS BCBG jeans and boots 
Picking up kids! Mixed prints striped sweater/leopard scarf, GAP coat & leggings, TB bag

My "I Wanna Dance With Somebody Dance"
Like many of you, I performed that song @ a talent show :) 

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