HoneyPie's Notes: Manhattan Chic Please...!   

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Manhattan Chic Please...!

     Ok, so I attended TaJuan's b-day party where the theme was "Manhattan Chic". You were to come dressed in attire that was "Manhattan-ish". It was a fun night of dinner, drinks, laughs, and of course Chic attire.... It was FAB!

Friend, Tajuan ,and Sunshine (met her last night, such a sweetie :) ) 

Lisa- Looking very Sex and The City-ish (80's kinda)

Napkin ring (before) Hair Twist (after)....

Jara in blue Maxi & Stiletto Bar Shoes, Tajuan in bebe top, Vintage pants, & CL shoes, Me in silk BCBG jumpsuit & CL shoes....(notice the hair? umhmm :) 
Color Block... DO!

Table Decor....Chic! 

Cho-Co-Late Please? 

Name Card :) 

Yea, I had to pump GASSSSSSS in these on my way...!!! 

The Menu minus the Tini's..... Delish! 
P.S. I had these photos in the perfect order, sure enough they loaded the way THEY wanted to.... tuh!