HoneyPie's Notes: We Wear Short-Shorts....!   

Friday, July 20, 2012

We Wear Short-Shorts....!

Ok, it NEVER fails, if I send Jada in Walgreens, CVS, or even Kroger for an item, she comes out with some "must-try" beauty product! When I ask her what's that she always delivers a convincing-commercial like spill. So when she purchased "Nair" I wasn't convinced..... Until I tried it!! I am HOOKED!! I experimented once years ago and wasn't impressed, but after following her instructions it worked! I'm DONE w/ razors..... Have you used Nair before? Testimonials please :)


  1. I love trying new beauty products too! But, ahem, why are you so late on this one? It's an oldie. :-) I haven't used Nair recently, but my only complaint a few years ago was the burned hair smell. I'm sure they've fixed that.

  2. Heeyy Aisha!

    I tried it YEARS ago when I was preggers, but the stench was too much to bare, I've hated to even look at it ever since. Yes, the smell is new and IMPROVED!! :)