HoneyPie's Notes: You Feeling the Stiletto's.....?   

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You Feeling the Stiletto's.....?

Ok, I loooove a fresh manicure! I mean, who doesn't right?  Whether bright and bold or soft and sheer, It  makes me wanna talk with my hands and wiggle my fingers (in your FACE). But some trends are better left alone for THAT chick! I've been seeing the Stiletto nail trend around town and  although some are unique and fashion forward  I.Just.Don't.Know!!!!   So, are you Stiletto or StiletNO? (totally made that word up ha!)........

Love the pattern, but.....

Love EVERYthing about these hands (and wrists)......!
Loving Essie's new Metallic  Collection.. (much better in person)

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