HoneyPie's Notes: Countdown to TWILIGHT!!!!!.....(Day 1)   

Monday, November 12, 2012

Countdown to TWILIGHT!!!!!.....(Day 1)

Ok, Let the countdown begin. We have 5 days until the MOVIE of THEE YEAR hits theaters all across the country!!! Twilight; Breaking Dawn!! Ahhhhhhh .....

 I was first introduced to The Twilight Series in 2008 by Jada May and LolliPop, my daughter and niece and I've been hooked ever since! We've seen every movie together upon release and this time will be no different, I am waaay too excited..!

 I shop for Jada 1,000X more than I do for myself, you know, like, I live through her sometimes, ha!  When I saw this sweater, I immediately thought of Twilight, Jacob, and Jada. I knew she'd love it! The first thing she said when she saw it was "I'm gonna wear this to see Twilight" ( about 3 weeks ago)... Who saves stuff? Ugh!
Are YOU going to see Twilight this weekend?!?!?!?

She is Team Jacob ALL the way....! 
Werewolf Sweater is sold out, but I found THIS one to be SO very cute too :)


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