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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Like A Virgin

Ok, guess who's coming to town, Madonna!!!! It seems as if I'm the only one who's excited about this!  Although her music has evolved changed over the years, she's  pretty much an icon in my book. I just feel like if I don't see her, I'm gonna wish I had, ya know? I'm still on the haunt for a "Madonna" date. Hubs says "haha, no", Jada said she'd go, but I'm a little leery being that Don-Don can be a lil on the raunchy side, and none of my  friends are "feeling" it. ANYway, I posted some "perfect" Madonna outfits below (just in case)......

1. If I were in a movie, let's say ummmm, "Sex and The City", with my girlfriends Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and Joan (yes, Tracee Ellis Ross), I'd definitely wear this. We'd have sooo much fun singing to the tunes of "Like a Virgin" and "Holiday" then capping the night with Cosmos.....yumm yes..!

2. (Next Post). Although the heels would KILL the whole dancing and singing concept, It is a more practical, less Cinderella/Carrie like look and is still very haute...!

Like A Virgin


  1. That leopard dress is stunning! Thanks for your kind words and support. Following your lovely blog now.