HoneyPie's Notes: Thanksgiving Day Birds.....!   

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Birds.....!

    Yesterday was GREAT! I spent the day surrounded by my parents, ALL of my siblings and their spouses (that never happens), nieces, nephews, uncles, cousins, and more! This was one of my top 5 Thanksgivings for sure, it was great to be home :)

    After sharing what we were THANKful for and eating our feast, the guys took to a game of Flag Football (hilarious), and the gals cheered on their favorite team, "The SnowCones" or "The Peanuts".

It was a gorgeous 72 degrees so I had to do a quick mix/match of the pieces I brought with me.....

Shirt wasn't working tucked in, so I tied it! 

These Birds, ahhhhh :) 
Niece, Daughter, Me, Cousin, Sister..... My Girls! 

LOLLLLL @ my brother to the left in the white tee!!!! (old self) 

Love this shot of my daddy, he is too cool :) 

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Jada, Kobra, and Moi.....