HoneyPie's Notes: Turkey Day Attire.....!   

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turkey Day Attire.....!

Ok, who else is excited that the holidays are HERE!!!! *sigh* This is sooo my favorite time of the year, (I'm thankful to my parents for that)! So what are we gonna wear for this year's feast? I mean, we all want to be cute AND comfortable, but the outfit depends on the event, right? I've gathered some looks for us to choose from..... You can thank me later *wink-wink*

LOVE....!  This is casual and festive, check out the nails :) 

This would be cute for visiting friends, you know the ones( w/ no kids ) who will be playing games and enjoying cocktails....yea those!
Going around "his" family for the first time? This fit will give  the "sweet girl impression" *evil grin* 
Thanksgiving in the cabins? Were these for me, please!!! 
Umm yea, this'll probably be me- Chunky sweater, leggings, jewels, and flat boots.....
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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