HoneyPie's Notes: Just a few Holiday Pick-Me-Ups...!   

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just a few Holiday Pick-Me-Ups...!

Ok, who else is finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit with the 74 degree weather as of late? (I'm not complaining God, just making an observation) *insert smile*
I made a few purchases over the weekend to brighten the season and lift my holiday spirits. They also serve as great gift ideas for someone on your list!!.... Oh yea, you notice the mini-face lift on the blog? You like? I'm also changing the name in 2013!!!*&&%$#$^&^&**%E^%^

Absolutely LOVE journals, but journals with sayings, OMG!!
NARS released a new color this month! It's a deep deep purple on the lips,gorgeous....

How stylish is this metallic gold cup sleeve and of course "O" is always a great read...!
Texting Gloves are so cool & convenient! (Currently obsessed)
New App Alert! 
Brought my childhood tradition back to life this year :)

Our tree guy, Grayson!!
First 3 people to FOLLOW & COMMENT ON THE BLOG which celebrity he resembles, gets a pair of "texting gloves" from meeee :) 

Found my journals @ TJMaxx but some BRIGHT ones HERE
Bought my gloves last year, but some cute ones HERE or HERE
Nars "Train Bleu" Velvet Matte Lip Pencil HERE
Starbucks Sleeve @ Starbucks for $5 


  1. I luv luv journals that has inspirational sayings, really gets me through my long days!!!! Such a awesome and personable gift for giving this holiday!!!!

    1. Heey Bee!!

      I really feel lost without my journal handy...

  2. The answer is Ben Stiller!!! lol

  3. So in love with your fabulous & impeccable taste!
    Hahah. So much so actually that I went ahead and nominated you for the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award" on my page.
    Hope you enjoy - You deserve it girl!
    XO Angela

  4. Replies
    1. Tiffany,

      Ummm, let me think.....NO! (ha)
      And I thought you were a movie lover.... :)

    2. On second thought Tiff..
      I can see Owen Wilson now, great guess!!
      *In my Oprah voice*
      You get texting gloves, You get texting gloves.!!!
      Are you following me on here? *small requirement* :)

    3. Ha! Ha! Oprah voice! I love it! YAY! I won! I AM following u! Gotta figure out how to post a pic.

  5. OMG...Miss Pie, I love the facelift to the blog. You have to give me some pointers. I want my other social sites on my blog too. I was going to say Owen Wilson or Ryan Gosling (for fun). I am also loving the texting gloves,Ken and I have a few pair as well.Great Ideas for inexpensive Christmas gifts!

    1. Thanks Sharmana!!!!

      I can definitely share the lil info I know (it's soo much to learn)!
      You guessed right, Ryan Gosling!!! I told him that immediately after seeing him, and he said he hears it all the time..!
      As promised I'll send you & Ken gloves :)
      She has to comment & follow first, hehe

  6. Honey Pie....Thank you! She will follow you...I will make sure....I just made her follow me (Mom....Ok) ...Is all I heard for the longest! We will wear them and add them to our collection:)! I am having fun although it is very overwhelming. My husband has several sites and I didn't understand how much time and effort it takes (Whoo!) He has helped me some(busy)! It is giving me something to do in place of school(So use to going to school) Any who...I would really appreciate it all the help I can get.

  7. Hey Ms. Dana Very cute blog!!!!..He totally looks like Ryan Gosling!!!! xoxo Ken Ken!!!!