HoneyPie's Notes: Saturday at the Cafe....!   

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday at the Cafe....!

Ok,  Can you believe Christmas is in 8 days!!!!!! Time is going by entirely too fast and it seems like I hadn't posted in forever!!! I spent my Saturday shopping and visiting Cafes eating way too much  with some heartbeats :)

Cute boutique that we frequent waaay to much :) 

Had to play in this COOL phone-booth!   "Mr. Telephone Man, there's something wrong w/ my line"..

Look who's inside whispering sweet nothings to their honey, Kevin! 
Jada and Maaaaaarcuuuus ( that was Marcus, but in my*Eartha* voice)

I'm wearing last year's BCBG leggings, cute ones HERE and HERE
Louis Vuitton designed by artist Yayoi Kusama


  1. Cute look...Pretty hair!!! Will be straightening mine soon! My hubby is a fan of Kusama's artwork. Love the whole collection I want the red and white polka dot wallet!

  2. Love those leggins!


  3. Did u buy that outfit at the boutique....it wld look cute with ur bag!?!

  4. Sharmana, I bet your hair will be GORgeous straight, go for it! Your husband has great taste.....

    Thanks Dean....

    OMB, I didn't even NOTICE that outfit, I just saw a photo op!!... #BloggerProblems