HoneyPie's Notes: Leather, Lace, and Missoni.....   

Monday, November 10, 2014

Leather, Lace, and Missoni.....

Today I had a fashion emergency! This day was supposed to be a sweater and leggings kind of day, but nooooo. The sweater ended up being much shorter than I'd expected- revealing more than I'd wished in my leggings, so I had to think fast!!! I was not in the mood for jeans so I thought quick, grabbed a black skirt, layered, and was out the door! I think it worked pretty well for a soup and salad date with Fellow Blogger MotifMana. :)

Retro Juicy Couture Retro Shades Here
One piece Maison Jules top, similar HERE
LV bag, Fun Rings from F21, OPI gelish in "Lincoln Park After Dark" 
Oh so comfy Steve Madden Booties Here
Lace leggings from H&M (old) 


  1. Honey, you are freaking Gorg!!! Tired of me saying it, well Stop it then!:)) No, but seriously I can't wait until we do it again!:)

    1. My photographer had a lot to do with it... *wink-wink*

  2. Replies
    1. Many thanks boo!! Let me head on over to OMB.... :)