HoneyPie's Notes: Christmas In Chicago... (+ scarf giveaway post)   

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas In Chicago... (+ scarf giveaway post)

*singing* There ain't nothing like Christmas in New York Chicagoooo" (not to take away from N.Y)...
Christmas in Chicago was nothing short of AMAZING...! I mean, the city just FELT like Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed the weather (snow flurries and brutal winds), shopping, the store's window displays, walking pedestrians, taxi's, deep dish pizza, Garretts popcorn and EVERything downtown Chicago offered...!
I've been the city before, just not during the holidays.... Can't wait to go next Christmas ;)

MotifMana and I are on our last giveaway for the season (scarves)!! It was fun and thanks to ALL of you who participated, hope you enjoy your gifts.... :)

I purchased several of these hats in different prints from Dillard's before my trip. They were comfy and
and kept me warm and stylish Anna and Ava

This pic is alll about the Beanie and the Apple :) 

Although I wanted to keep warm, I still had to add my mixed prints in the cut
Red Leopard Scarf from Express... HERE

Calvin Klein Quilted Down Puffer coat did NOT disappoint! 

Leg warmers were SO necessary! 

Later that night, a rooftop party/bonfire complete with blankets.... LOVE!!!

For obvious reasons....

Pomegranate Prosecco

With The Sheester....
We stayed at the IVY Boutique Hotel.... Superb! 

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  1. Such a nice way to spend the holidays while making lasting memories as we grow!:))